• CoVA Films on Art: Natalie King with Yuki Kihara

    We are here at Paradise Camp Yuki Kira’s exhibition from the Venice Biennale from 2022, now reconfigured and re curated at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

  • The Shell Seeker

    For the past four months, Quandamooka artist Megan Cope has been ensconced in the Marrickville Addison Road Community Organisation in Sydney’s inner west with a dedicated team collectively preparing for her new commission, Whispers, at the Sydney Opera House.

  • Bazaar Muse

    Natalie King OAM is one of Australia’s foremost curators, who has spent her three-decade career cultivating lifelong relationships with artists. She recently pulled of a rare feat: curating her second Venice Biennale.

  • Why I Travel

    From Samoa to Lapland, the international curator explores the world through the lens of contemporary art.

  • Mithu Sen on Art, Poetry, and Lingual Anarchy

    I met artist Mithu Sen in New Delhi during India Art Fair in 2011, when she was awarded the inaugural Skoda Prize for Indian contemporary art for ‘Black Candy

  • ABC Weekend Breakfast

    Start your weekend informed and up-to-date. Johanna Nicholson and Fauziah Ibrahim bring you the latest news, interviews, politics, culture, weather and global affairs.

  • Arts Tuesday – 10:30am 14th Mar 2023

    Gaz and Di have been presenting Arts Tuesday – Sydney radio’s liveliest and most informative arts show – for XX years.

  • Paradise Camp By Yuki Kihara, Curated By Natalie King

    At the close of the 59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, Art + Australia reflects on Aotearoa New Zealand’s presentation at the Venice Biennale with the first Fa’afafine, Asian and Indigenous artist.

  • Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenburg’s creative and romantic partnership

    My Art Crush: Natalie King. When curator Prof Natalie King discovered an early Renaissance masterpiece wandering the halls of the Uffizi, it changed her life.

  • Online Talanoa Forum | Writers of Paradise Camp

    ‘Talanoa Forum: Swimming Against the Tide’ is an online and in person gathering organized by artist Yuki Kihara on the occasion of her exhibition ‘Paradise Camp’…

  • Domain Review – Women of Influence

    Melbourne is home to many talented, smart and inspiring women. Some we know about through their work in the media, their accomplishments in business and their presence online.

  • Curating During A Pandemic | Natalie King & Su Baker

    Natalie King (NK): Working from Melbourne, the most lock-downed city in the world, has meant that our viewpoint is from fixed coordinates or one place.

  • Flipping the script at the Venice Biennale

    Recently returned from launching her second Venice Biennale exhibition, for Sāmoan-based artist Yuki Kihara who is representing Aotearoa New Zealand, curator Professor Natalie King OAM reflects on being part of the most diverse Biennale yet.

  • TWIST Paradise Lost?

    Europa befindet sich im Krieg. Die Idee eines kriegsfreien Kontinents, auf die europäische Demokratien nach 1945 so stark gesetzt hatten, ist am 24.

  • An interview with Yuki Kihara

    Traversing the topics of small island ecologies, queer rights and decolonisation, Yuki Kihara’s Paradise Camp at La Biennale di Venezia 2022 marks a number of firsts for Aotearoa New Zealand’s national pavilion…

  • Natalie King – Venice Biennale

    Natalie King is the only Australian curator to have ever curated two national pavilions at Venice Biennales, New Zealand 2022 and Australia 2017.

  • Enterprise Professor Natalie King on curating ‘Paradise Camp’ for the Venice Biennale

    The New Zealand pavilion at the 59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia recently opened with artist Yuki Kihara’s ensemble exhibition, Paradise Camp…

  • What I’ve Learnt – Natalie King

    Professor Natalie King OAM is an Australian arts leader, cultural producer and curator with more than two decades of experience in international and Australian contemporary art and visual culture.

  • Fa’afafine Yuki Kihara celebrates Samoa’s third gender: ‘Galleries think they can tick the box with me’

    Representing New Zealand at the Venice Biennale, the Samoan-Kiwi artist is foregrounding Samoa’s fa’afafine and transgender communities, and the climate crisis hidden from tourists

  • Yuki Kihara’s Paradise Camp

    Sāmoan-Japanese interdisciplinary artist Yuki Kihara is immeasurably creative and unassailable in addressing some of the most urgent issues of the times—the environmental crisis…

  • Hetti Perkins Introduces the 4th National Indigenous Art Triennial

    In August 2020, Australian writer and curator Hetti Perkins was appointed as the curator of the 4th National Indigenous Art Triennial: Ceremony (26 March–31 July 2022).

  • Natalie King | Mover and Shaker in the Arts | The Art Hunter | Ep 25

    In this episode of The Art Hunter, David Hunt talks to International Curator and Writer Natalie King who has worked around the world and is dedicated to helping artists.

  • Maree Clarke Connects Country, Culture, and Place

    Maree Clarke’s poetic, personal, and political practice is a type of cultural truth-telling, steeped in memory and Country while deploying photography and new technologies to tell stories of past, present and future.

  • Reversible Destiny – Art News

    In collaboration with University of Melbourne and Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum presents an International Online Symposium from 4 to 6 October…

  • Spotlight

    Curator NATALIE KING, 55, lives with her husband and three children in Melbourne. She has just installed a photography exhibition in Japan via Zoom

  • Fifty years of the Western Desert art movement, Leigh Bowery, Mari Katayama and Darwin street art

    Mari Katayama is exhibiting at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum as part of Reversible Destiny, a joint Japan-Australia show. She joins us down the line, with curator Natalie King.

  • Curating in COVID: challenges and wins

    Melbourne based curator Natalie King is no stranger to curating exhibitions across distance, having been charged with presenting Tracey Moffatt’s work for the Australian Pavilion…

  • Ishiuchi Miyako: Photography as Psychological Event

    On 8 December 2019, curators Natalie King and Yuri Yamada travelled to the outskirts of Tokyo by train to visit renowned Japanese artist Ishuichi Miyako in her home studio in…

  • Natalie King – Sunday Arts Magazine

    As the Olympics inject excitement into our lockdown days, there’s a cultural project of contemporary photography by 8 leading artists from Australia and Japan to feature in…

  • The power of mentoring: an interview with curator Professor Natalie King OAM

    Professor Natalie King has been recognised for her 20-plus years spent mentoring other women, colleagues and First Nations peers working in the arts.