Natelie King - Curator

  • Virtual Opening: NZ Pavilion at the Venice Biennale

    Hon Carmel Sepuloni, Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage and Caren Rangi, Commissioner of New Zealand’s presentation at the Biennale Arte 2022…

  • Yuki Kihara Is Planting a Flag for Sāmoa’s Third Gender

    In a historic and overdue first, this year, New Zealand’s pavilion will be taken over by a South Pacific islander who identifies as Fa’afafine, which is Sāmoa’s third gender…

  • Live Talanoa: Yuki Kihara and NZ Pavilion curators

    The countdown to the Biennale Arte (Venice Biennale) is on! Tune in to this live event exactly one month ahead of the New Zealand Pavilion opening at the world’s largest and most prestigious…

  • Hetti Perkins Introduces the 4th National Indigenous Art Triennial

    In August 2020, Australian writer and curator Hetti Perkins was appointed as the curator of the 4th National Indigenous Art Triennial: Ceremony (26 March–31 July 2022).

  • Sad Farewells

    The last time I spoke with Virginia Fraser was on her birthday on 28 December 2020. We talked about her exhibition with Destiny Deacon at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. We made tentative plans to visit the exhibition before it finished. Sadly, this never eventuated.

  • Natalie King | Mover and Shaker in the Arts | The Art Hunter | Ep 25

    In this episode of The Art Hunter, David Hunt talks to International Curator and Writer Natalie King who has worked around the world and is dedicated to helping artists.

  • Many Voices Create

    How can Indigenous methodologies be at the heart of art writing? How can personal and political histories Indigenise art criticism to generate a sovereign framework of engagement?

  • an4aa Curatorial 6-Pack Series!

    Natalie King on Reversible Destiny: Australian and Japanese contemporary photography exhibition held 24.8.2021-31.10.2021 at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum.

  • Maree Clarke Connects Country, Culture, and Place

    Maree Clarke’s poetic, personal, and political practice is a type of cultural truth-telling, steeped in memory and Country while deploying photography and new technologies to tell stories of past, present and future.

  • “Reversible Destiny”

    Artists in “Reversible Destiny” look at what it means to make photography now, in a time of global upheaval, human fragility and uncertain future…

  • “Reversible Destiny” International Online Symposium Program 2

    Artists in “Reversible Destiny” look at what it means to make photography now, in a time of global upheaval, human fragility and uncertain future…

  • “Reversible Destiny” International Online Symposium Program 1 

    Artists in “Reversible Destiny” look at what it means to make photography now, in a time of global upheaval, human fragility and uncertain future…

  • Reversible Destiny – Art News

    In collaboration with University of Melbourne and Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum presents an International Online Symposium from 4 to 6 October…

  • Reversible Destiny: Australian and Japanese Contemporary Photography

    Can a photograph reverse history by shifting perception, reconfiguring memory and modifying time? In Reversible

  • Spotlight

    Curator NATALIE KING, 55, lives with her husband and three children in Melbourne. She has just installed a photography exhibition in Japan via Zoom

  • Fifty years of the Western Desert art movement, Leigh Bowery, Mari Katayama and Darwin street art

    Mari Katayama is exhibiting at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum as part of Reversible Destiny, a joint Japan-Australia show. She joins us down the line, with curator Natalie King.

  • A World Left Behind

    “Creating images reminiscent of 1930s European café society, David Wadelton photographs the old-style ambience and tradition of Monarch Cakes…

  • MONSU Women in Leadership Panel

    The MONSU Women’s department will be running a panel event tailored towards furthering the aspirations of women-identifying students studying at our Caulfield Campus.

  • Curating in COVID: challenges and wins

    Melbourne based curator Natalie King is no stranger to curating exhibitions across distance, having been charged with presenting Tracey Moffatt’s work for the Australian Pavilion…

  • Ishiuchi Miyako: Photography as Psychological Event

    On 8 December 2019, curators Natalie King and Yuri Yamada travelled to the outskirts of Tokyo by train to visit renowned Japanese artist Ishuichi Miyako in her home studio in…

  • Natalie King – Sunday Arts Magazine

    As the Olympics inject excitement into our lockdown days, there’s a cultural project of contemporary photography by 8 leading artists from Australia and Japan to feature in…

  • Reversible Destiny Australian and Japanese contemporary photography

    How is contemporary photography entangled with the past, halted in the present and imagining the future?

  • Panel Discussion — Kim Hak, Kawita Vatanajyankur & Arnont Nongyo

    Join curator Natalie King in conversation with exhibiting artists Kim Hak, Kawita Vatanajyanku and Arnont Nongyo as they discuss their photographic and broader artistic practice.

  • The power of mentoring: an interview with curator Professor Natalie King OAM

    Professor Natalie King has been recognised for her 20-plus years spent mentoring other women, colleagues and First Nations peers working in the arts.

  • Tracey Moffatt

    Tracey Moffatt’s cryptic photographic suite Pet Thang 1991 juxtaposes a sheep with the naked body of the artist. By conflating this animal with blurry body…

  • The Huxleys Places of Worship

    CCP is excited to present Six Fashion Photographers and The Huxleys Places of Worship — an in-depth look at the work of a key group of contemporary photographers, co-presented with new works …

  • A Digital Age

    Revered contemporary artist Guan Wei returns to Melbourne this May with a spectacular new exhibition of paintings titled A Digital Age.

  • A Lap of Caulfield Park

    In the mid 1980s, Natalie King was in her late teens; she was restless and searching. Uninspired by law school and unsure of what to do ‘when she grew up’, King undertook a gap year to Italy.

  • Kathy Temin, Mothering Gardens

    Temin conjugates childhood soft toys with minimalist, monochrome sculpture whilst taking her garden of mothering indoors into a psychological and intimate world of wonder.

  • Nell: ‘I’m always thinking about how a painting might sound’

    Sydney-based artist Nell has a capacious practice, working deftly across sculpture, painting, sound, assemblage, performance, and public art, producing work that is both accessible yet complex.