Paradise Camp

  • Paradise Camp on MindFOOD

    Trailblazing artist Yuki Kihara explores the diasporic experience of fa’afafine in her latest work.

  • Exhibition review: Paradise Camp: Yuki Kihara, Powerhouse Ultimo

    From the Venice Biennale to Australia, the exhibition ‘Paradise Camp’ expands for Australian audiences.

  • Paradise Camp by Yuki Kihara

    Paradise Camp by Yuki Kihara and curated by Natalie King, comprises a suite of twelve tableau photographs in saturated colour, situated against a vast wallpaper of a landscape decimated by the 2009 tsunami.

  • Online Talanoa Forum | Writers of Paradise Camp

    ‘Talanoa Forum: Swimming Against the Tide’ is an online and in person gathering organized by artist Yuki Kihara on the occasion of her exhibition ‘Paradise Camp’…

  • Yuki Kihara – Paradise Camp

    The categories of genders and gender-related behaviors and preferences are not as binary as some would have us believe. According to Western psychology, we all have both male and female sides; either side can predominate or be more pronounced at times in individuals.

  • Book Review: Paradise Camp

    In Sāmoa, it is often said that “the most beautiful women are men.” (Paul Miles, Transgender in the Pacific – Fa’afafine, fakaleiti and mahu.)

  • New Zealand, Paradise Camp

    Yuki Kihara’s ensemble exhibition Paradise Camp reflects on pertinent local and global issues from the unique perspective of Fa‘afafine –
    “in the manner of a woman” or third gender in Sāmoa.