Natelie King - Curator

  • Art Forum: Natalie King

    Natalie King is a curator, writer and senior researcher based in Naarm, Melbourne. Current projects include Curator of Yuki Kihara Paradise Camp, Aotearoa New Zealand at the 59th Venice Biennale 2022 and Series Editor of Mini Monographs with Thames & Hudson.

  • Yuki Kihara – Paradise Camp

    The categories of genders and gender-related behaviors and preferences are not as binary as some would have us believe. According to Western psychology, we all have both male and female sides; either side can predominate or be more pronounced at times in individuals.

  • Save The Date

    As an extension of the critically acclaimed exhibition Paradise Camp presented at the New Zealand Pavilion curated by Natalie King as part of the 59th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, artist Yuki Kihara has organized the Talanoa Forum in her role as artistic director in close partnership…

  • Flipping the script at the Venice Biennale

    Recently returned from launching her second Venice Biennale exhibition, for Sāmoan-based artist Yuki Kihara who is representing Aotearoa New Zealand, curator Professor Natalie King OAM reflects on being part of the most diverse Biennale yet.

  • Book Review: Paradise Camp

    In Sāmoa, it is often said that “the most beautiful women are men.” (Paul Miles, Transgender in the Pacific – Fa’afafine, fakaleiti and mahu.)

  • GAX 2022: Visiting Paradise Camp: Indigenous and Asian Art agency from Gauguin to Climate Crisis

    Join us for a mini tour with curator Natalie King of artist Yuki Kihara’s Paradise Camp presented in the New Zealand Pavilion at this year’s 59th Venice Biennale…

  • New Zealand, Paradise Camp

    Yuki Kihara’s ensemble exhibition Paradise Camp reflects on pertinent local and global issues from the unique perspective of Fa‘afafine –
    “in the manner of a woman” or third gender in Sāmoa.

  • TWIST Paradise Lost?

    Europa befindet sich im Krieg. Die Idee eines kriegsfreien Kontinents, auf die europäische Demokratien nach 1945 so stark gesetzt hatten, ist am 24.

  • Paradise Camp

    Internationally renowned artist Yuki Kihara – the first Samoan and the first transgender artist to represent New Zealand at the Venice Biennale – flips the script on an iconic moment in the Western canon

  • An interview with Yuki Kihara

    Traversing the topics of small island ecologies, queer rights and decolonisation, Yuki Kihara’s Paradise Camp at La Biennale di Venezia 2022 marks a number of firsts for Aotearoa New Zealand’s national pavilion…

  • Culture Summit – Abu Dhabi

    Culture Summit convenes leaders from the field of arts, heritage, media, museums, public policy and technology, to identify ways in which culture can transform societies and communities worldwide…

  • Natalie King – Venice Biennale

    Natalie King is the only Australian curator to have ever curated two national pavilions at Venice Biennales, New Zealand 2022 and Australia 2017.

  • Paradise Camp – NZ at Venice

    Kihara’s work seeks to challenge dominant and singular historical narratives through visual arts, dance, and curatorial practice, engaging with postcolonial history…

  • Enterprise Professor Natalie King on curating ‘Paradise Camp’ for the Venice Biennale

    The New Zealand pavilion at the 59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia recently opened with artist Yuki Kihara’s ensemble exhibition, Paradise Camp…

  • What I’ve Learnt – Natalie King

    Professor Natalie King OAM is an Australian arts leader, cultural producer and curator with more than two decades of experience in international and Australian contemporary art and visual culture.

  • Fa’afafine Yuki Kihara celebrates Samoa’s third gender: ‘Galleries think they can tick the box with me’

    Representing New Zealand at the Venice Biennale, the Samoan-Kiwi artist is foregrounding Samoa’s fa’afafine and transgender communities, and the climate crisis hidden from tourists

  • HUM live from the 2022 Venice Biennale

    It’s always a challenge to reflect on the Vernissage week so soon after it’s over but we found our time in Venice to be inspiring, enriching and energising, despite the mad rush…

  • Yuki Kihara: Paradise Camp

    The New Zealand pavilion has unveiled Yuki Kihara’s ensemble exhibition Paradise Camp, curated by Natalie King at the 59th International Venice Biennale…

  • Venice Biennale 2022: the must-see pavilions in the Arsenale

    With wit and verve, Yuki Kihara reworks the problematic Polynesian paintings of Paul Gauguin to centre members of Samoa’s “third gender” community, the Fa’afafine…

  • Powerful photo by Pacific Indigenous artist reveals truth about 1899 painting

    On an early morning in 2008, before the Metropolitan Museum of Art opened for the day, the artist Yuki Kihara sat down across from two paintings by the French artist Paul Gauguin and inspected them in the hushed, empty gallery.

  • Yuki Kihara’s Paradise Camp

    Sāmoan-Japanese interdisciplinary artist Yuki Kihara is immeasurably creative and unassailable in addressing some of the most urgent issues of the times—the environmental crisis…

  • Virtual Opening: NZ Pavilion at the Venice Biennale

    Hon Carmel Sepuloni, Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage and Caren Rangi, Commissioner of New Zealand’s presentation at the Biennale Arte 2022…

  • Yuki Kihara Is Planting a Flag for Sāmoa’s Third Gender

    In a historic and overdue first, this year, New Zealand’s pavilion will be taken over by a South Pacific islander who identifies as Fa’afafine, which is Sāmoa’s third gender…

  • Live Talanoa: Yuki Kihara and NZ Pavilion curators

    The countdown to the Biennale Arte (Venice Biennale) is on! Tune in to this live event exactly one month ahead of the New Zealand Pavilion opening at the world’s largest and most prestigious…

  • Hetti Perkins Introduces the 4th National Indigenous Art Triennial

    In August 2020, Australian writer and curator Hetti Perkins was appointed as the curator of the 4th National Indigenous Art Triennial: Ceremony (26 March–31 July 2022).

  • Sad Farewells

    The last time I spoke with Virginia Fraser was on her birthday on 28 December 2020. We talked about her exhibition with Destiny Deacon at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. We made tentative plans to visit the exhibition before it finished. Sadly, this never eventuated.

  • Natalie King | Mover and Shaker in the Arts | The Art Hunter | Ep 25

    In this episode of The Art Hunter, David Hunt talks to International Curator and Writer Natalie King who has worked around the world and is dedicated to helping artists.

  • Many Voices Create

    How can Indigenous methodologies be at the heart of art writing? How can personal and political histories Indigenise art criticism to generate a sovereign framework of engagement?

  • an4aa Curatorial 6-Pack Series!

    Natalie King on Reversible Destiny: Australian and Japanese contemporary photography exhibition held 24.8.2021-31.10.2021 at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum.

  • Maree Clarke Connects Country, Culture, and Place

    Maree Clarke’s poetic, personal, and political practice is a type of cultural truth-telling, steeped in memory and Country while deploying photography and new technologies to tell stories of past, present and future.